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Peter Applebaum is one of Australia’s most respected and sought after experts on marketing and social media.

After graduating from the University of NSW, Peter’s career began on the corporate marketing side before becoming a multi-award winning advertising copywriter.

After working in relationship marketing for organisations such as IBM, General Electric, Nestle, Pizza Hut and Mars Corporation, Peter joined the digital space as Director of Sales for the official Sydney 2000 Olympic Games website.

In 2001, Peter founded the digital and social media marketing company Tick Yes with a focus on helping clients achieve their objectives using digital strategies and platforms. Tick Yes clients have included Bayer, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, Unilever, Pfizer and 3M.

For nearly a decade, Peter has been an in-demand media commentator appearing regularly on SKY Business and A Current Affair and is frequently quoted in BRW, Marketing Magazine, Grow Your Business, B&T and The Australian.


Customer Romance has a simple premise: the strategies, emotions, philosophies and actions that work with your personal relationships will be equally effective in creating successful business relationships.

Each of the 100 case studies proves how good customer service and customer focused strategies can lead to customer satisfaction and engaging long-term relationships. Here is an insight into some of the companies who have woo’ed and built long lasting relationships from implementing these strategies:


The success of Brownie Wises’s ‘Tupperware Parties in people’s homes’ has resulted in a  $US2.59 billion company with a party estimated to start every 2.3 seconds.


‘Little Debbie’

The snack food company grew their Facebook fan base from 5,000 to 125,000 in 12 hours by offering users the chance to win a Smart Car. Better still, 6,000 of those new fans provided Little Debbie with insights into which snack they liked most, giving the company the perfect opportunity to further engage with their customers. Currently the Facebook fan base is well over 1.5 million users.


‘Shoes of Prey’

Shoes of Prey are taking bold steps in the online footwear market by allowing customers to design every aspect of their shoe in minutes. After being in business for only a year, a total of six million minutes had been spent by users designing their shoes on the site with shoes being distributed all around the world.



Ford increased sales figures of 10,000 units in the first six days of testimonials being uploaded from 100 agents about their brand-new Fiesta. They recieved 6.2 million YouTube views and over 132,000 people requesting information based on their agent’s on-going posts and comments online about the new model.